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The optimum decision is our work!

The main task of the employees of the company "Fifth wheel management" is optimum work of corporate fleet of our clients. It means:

        Control and optimization of all processes;

        Balanced conducting the documentation and reporting;

        Duly and qualitative maintenance service;

        Control of deliveries of fuel and spare parts.

Each program of fleet management is developed individually in view of the requirements of the client and his specificity. Our managers analyze each sphere of the charges in details, develop maximum effective ways of optimization and improve all system as a whole. At present there are more than 2000 automobiles in our management.

To accept the proved decisions!

Wide experience of work in the Russian market and the newest techniques of management of the European fleets have allowed us to create the special software for the account of fleet expenses and analysis of the data.

This unique software allows considerably raising management efficiency by fleet. The balanced systematization of the information and its constant updating provide the maximal transparency and operative decision of the current tasks.

Uniting the regions

The " Fifth wheel management" company cooperates both with the service centers and suppliers of spare parts and fuel in all regions of Russia. Our clients use all privileges offered by our partners, and that allows not only to optimize expense items, but also to improve the control system of fleet of the trans-regional companies.

To provide productivity

Experience and professionalism of our employees guarantee high financial productivity. The programs of organization and optimization of work allow to lower expenses for fleet conducting yet per the first year.

By the results of our work in 2006 the optimization achieved at our clients has made more than one million dollars.




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