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Fleet management

The efficiency of operations of corporate fleet depends directly on the control system, accepted in the company. The more automobiles "work" in a firm; the most perfect a management should be there. The average lump-sum expenses on 1 automobile per one month make about 700 dollars, that is almost one million dollars per one year at fleet of 100 automobiles. The requirements to the modern fleet chiefs grow yet, now except for to know the device of the automobile well it is necessary to be able to build a system of control and reporting, to adjust and to supervise work with tens suppliers, to conduct constant monitoring of the offers on insurance, leasing, fuel and service. Thus, if the fleet is a "non-specific active", few resources are given to create and adjust of the structure of management. As the result there are uncontrollable and rather essential expenditure of corporate means and time, unpredictability and inefficiency of work.

We help our clients in the decision of these tasks during four years yet. The last year the cumulative fleet of our clients has made more than 2000 automobiles. Constant dialogue with the clients and practical work have allowed us to adapt the European development for application in Russia and to develop the own approaches to fleet management.

We can take this function completely on ourselves, accordingly to your desire having given or the removed support either our constant employee at your office. The standard package of services consists of the following items:

- creating of corporate politics and procedures on management of fleet;

- required account of vehicles;

- choice of the suppliers and subsequent control of conditions and terms;

- daily support of the users;

- management of office drivers and structure of fleet;

- account and analysis of the charges of fleet;

- all, that is necessary for acceptance of the decisions (reporting, help information, results of monitoring of the market, benchmarking).

It is not necessary to you to replace the existing chief of a transport department, we can add the circuit of fleet management, having given only necessary part of services or temporary personnel during peak loadings of a transport department. In view of your wishes, our experts will develop the special individual program.

Especially it would be desirable to note, that the control of terms, expenses and conditions of the contracts is carried out with the help of the special software, that allows to generate practically any report and to give the data necessary for acceptance of the decisions.

The expenses for our services pay back themselves already through very short term, so in 2006 the optimization of expenses on fleet of our clients has exceeded 1 million dollars.



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