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Service programs

Growing potential of the regional markets forces our clients to expand actively their representation in all the territory of Russia. The amount of automobiles in regions grows by fast rates too. On this evidence managers of fleets are to solve on the way tasks on organization of service in each concrete region. It is good, if quantity of regions is low, and the structure of fleet in them allows introducing the regional management. But if the number of regions is almost 100, and there are only up to three automobiles in everyone? It means, it is necessary to conclude a minimum hundred contracts. But if the automobiles are of the different marks? Then this quantity grows essentially. And it is practically impossible to receive acceptable conditions of service, and furthermore the discounts with one automobile. That is another if to unit the efforts with the partners.

The company " Fifth wheel management" carries out organization and control of service of automobiles in Moscow and in regions of Russia. We cooperate with the official dealers of Ford, Renault, GM, Nissan, VW, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes companies, and the general number of our regional partners exceeds one hundred.

Efficiency of the service programs

A number of the circuits of organization of fleet service, designed for optimization of work and management of fleet is developed in our company. The choice of the concrete circuit is determined by specificity of the fleet, however productivity for all service programs is determined by three general factors:

  • by decrease of administrative loading;

  • by reduction of quantity of the contractors and accounts;

  • by optimization of expenses on service.

The making of the contracts on service through our company assumes payment of the uniform reckoning with obligatory accounting, which is given to the client on results of the payment period. That facilitates work of accounts department and reduces expenses for drawing up of the payment orders. Uniform telephone number allows to find out the status of the application and to enter the name on repair in anyone back country of Russia.

Kinds of the service programs

The base module assumes the conclusion of the contracts with the service stations, chosen by you, reception of the applications from your employees on realization of service works, control of technique maintenance and repairs terms, check of the account on correctness of the declared data, drawing up the uniform consolidated account on month results with detailed accounting.

Already this module allows to lower essentially the administrative charges, you receive ONE account and ONE contract instead of hundred contracts and more hundreds payment documents per month.

Additionally to the base module the next level of the program includes check of the accounts on adequacy of the works made and cost of repairs.

The average optimization of the service charges at mass check of the accounts makes more than 10 %.

The most convenient for financial planning module is the user's service. During the stipulated term of the automobile use the fixed and not depend on quantity and cost of the made works sum is paid monthly.

Now about 1000 automobiles of our clients are involved into the service programs.




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