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The analysis and software

The basic specialization of the company " Fifth wheel management " is granting of complex analytical and consulting services directed on optimization of work and decrease of charges of corporate fleets. The recommended and accepted decisions are based on both the analysis of an overall performance, accordingly to the client data, and system of parameters of the expenses, received during long monitoring with the help of the special software.


The analysis of efficiency

The technique of the analysis is similar to realization of audit of the company activity. Our experts lean on the information received from the client, depending on wishes of the customer we can both use the data in the already processed kind, and to allot the expert for reception of the such data from the primary accounting records of the client. By the research the basic expense items become apparent, the structure of processes inside the company and the basic principles of interaction with the contractors are determined.


The researches allow to determine:

·        Efficiency of existing structure of fleet management

For example: we have carried out the analysis in one of the companies and found out, that for lack of the information dissemination between managing structures the employees often use rent automobiles, although about 10 % of the own automobiles stand on parking

As the result: economy about 3 % of the budget

·        Adequacy of cost and conditions of work with the suppliers

For example: the customer was very pleased with the contract signed 2 years back with the supplier, by the contract he was given the 10 % discount. We have carried out monitoring of existing by that moment conditions and found out, that the size of the discount really meets to a consumption level of the customer, but, unfortunately, cost of services has fallen more than on 15 % for 2 years. Thus, the customer received services on 5 % more dearly of the current market price.

As the result: optimization of the charges on 15 %

·        The basic expense items and opportunity of their optimization.


According to the results received the circuits of optimization are developed which allow to lower the valid and possible loadings on administrative sector of the company, to pick up the adequate service and fuel programs, to apply alternative kinds of insurance.


The software developed by the analysts of our company is applied to regular monitoring of expenses and acceptance of the operative decisions. Its application allows to create a universal information centre, which provides the absolute control of the fleet. The maximum detailed databases, duly updating, availability and accuracy of the reports guarantee an overall efficiency of the fleet work.

The balanced strategy of fleet management, presence of the operative information and constant monitoring of the market offers to reduce the budget of the fleet significally. In 2006 the realized projects have allowed to reduce expenses of our clients more than to 1 million dollars.



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