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Related services

Tire installation and keeping

" Fifth wheel management" company has several warehouses for tire keeping, where the equipment for stationary tire installation is established. Mobile tire is also possible, in this case our mechanics will arrive onto the object and execute the order in the minimal terms.


Drive and parking

Our company is ready to give the highly skilled drivers-experts to drive your automobiles from somewhere in Moscow and other cities of Russia.

Our experts will help to organize delivery of automobiles in any point of CIS with use of the drivers - forwarding agents by autos or rail.

" Fifth wheel management" company organizes a parking and storage of automobiles on the specialized supervised parking. Drive of automobiles on parking can be carried out or by your drivers, either by forces of our employees.


The fuel program

The experts of our company can help you with a choice of the supplier of fuel and pick up the optimum card program for the concrete fleet. In case of necessity we are ready to undertake process of registration of the necessary documentation, conclusion of the contracts with the fuel company, and also monitoring of the chosen program at all stages of its realization.

We are also ready to undertake formation of the reporting on the charges of fuel in the fleet.



"Fifth wheel management" company offers service in registration of waybills and related account documentation. The processing of waybills can be carried out by our experts in two variants:

·        traditional — periodic registration and analysis of the documentation with the purposes of the control of work of the fleet;

·        alternative — with use of the special program for creation of accounting waybills with the parameters given.


The repayment of automobiles

Even if your automobiles are in each region of Russia, we are ready to offer some variants of sale of the automobile: the repayment at fixed cost, commission, or combined circuit. We also are ready to carry out the certificated estimation of your automobile. The choice of the decision is defined by wishes of the client.



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